Sheepskin Door Stopper - Natural


Introducing our Luxurious Sheepskin Door Stopper – an exquisite blend of functionality and style designed to enhance your living spaces! Crafted with genuine, plush sheepskin, this door stopper not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of elegance and warmth to your home.

The durable, heavyweight base ensures that doors stay firmly in place, while the soft, fluffy exterior provides a chic aesthetic and a cozy feel. Ideal for any room, the Sheepskin Door Stopper is not merely a utility item but also a statement piece, effortlessly merging sophistication with practical design.

Experience a serene ambiance, keeping unwanted interruptions at bay, all while enjoying the plush, soft touch every time you pass by. A must-have, versatile accessory that perfectly complements a variety of home décor styles, ensuring your doors remain open, and your style remains unmatched!

Dimensions (L) 17cm (W) 17cm (H) 17cm